I have a new look!

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Good evening everyone! As you can see my blog has had a bit of a face lift, thanks to my wonderful friend Jen. I bet you all were wondering if I would ever get rid of the Easter theme, well to be honest I was too, but life has been so busy for us that I just haven't had the time to change it!

I have been creatively slumped lately, I blame it on the weather. It has been dull and rainy for almost a full week. I did make up a cute set of quilted coasters (pictured above), but I just can't get excited about creating when all i want to do is curl up under my quilt and read a good book! Hopefully the sun will come out soon! I have some necklaces and earrings I need to get made up for the Strawberry Festival in town this month. It will be my first craft type fair.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and wish sunshine on everyone!


missknits said...

love the new look! and the new coasters are great too!! :) happy monday!

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