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Yup, the Out of The Box Sampler is now on sale. This is the first month I have donated samples to this box and hope that it will bring in a sale or two. If you want to grab yourself one of these great boxes head on over to HERE. Better make it quick as they sell out fast! You can also check out all the businesses that have donated to this months box and all kinds of other great stuff on that sight!

Ok on another note upon reading up on the blogs i regularly frequent I found a great giveaway. If you like purses then head over here to sign up to win a cute clutch by KimberlyJonesDesign! http://rainbowswirlz.blogspot.com/2009/05/kimberlyjonesdesigns-giveaway-may-4th.html

I am off to take the kiddo to school, but will come back later with an update post on my creating and sewing, complete with pictures!!


Anji Gallanos said...

Thanks for posting the giveaways. I've been away from blog reading for a bit..but will check out the out of the box samplers..sounds really neat.


Tickleworm said...

Thanks for posting, I always miss them!!! I am sooo excited this is my first one. Hopefully it will have some from yours in it!!!

PS Love your new look.

BrigaBauble said...

Awesome new look PJ! I had considered contributing to the Out of the Box Sampler. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you. :)


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