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A Mom loves unconditionally

No matter what you do.

A Mom will give her very best

and expect your best from you.

A Mom will stay up late at night

to make cupcakes for your class.
A Mom will defend you wrong or right
and your happiness is her task.

A thankless job most of the time,
but once a year we say

Thank you Mom for being there,

and Happy Mother's Day!
I saw this poem and though it was perfect for today. Now I had grand intentions of doing this wonderful tribute to my mom post with these great pictures I remember taking of having seen taken of her as I grew up.....but ya know I was looking through my photos, albums and photo CD's I realized.....she has them ALL so this will be a tribute to YaYa from her loving daughter and grandsons.

My mom has this special bond with my oldest son Connor, it's hard to explain but when something awesome happens to him, he first tells me and then the very next person he thinks to tell is YaYa...(sorry daddy) My mom spent the first 6 weeks of Connors life living with me and helping me with him, the house, cooking, you name it she did it! (yep she's great)

He always prefers to be with YaYa when she's with us.

even when visiting the whole family back home, it was YaYa he preferred. (yep, mommy is preggo with little brother in this one)

Then little brother JJ came along, and again mom came to visit and help but I was only able to keep her for 2 weeks this time....but she still made that little bond with JJ, though to this day it's not nearly as strong as her bond with Connor.

And he always has a kiss for YaYa

of course so does JJ though he would rather mess with her stuff :)

So from the boys and I, we want to say



missknits said...

awww what a sweet tribute! and happy mother's day to you as well!!

Bren said...

Have I told you lately that you're my favorite?! That was very sweet! Thank You to Connor and Jackson, too.
Luv Ya,

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