You'll NEVER Guess what my hubby did......

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Ok so I know there are a lot of my friends here in blogland that don't know my hubby other than the occasional reference I make to him every now and then. So everyone knows who he is i am posting our most recent just him and I pic (though we have both changed since this was taken)

Well he came home early today with a hair brained idea.....I'll let the picture speak for itself (if you haven't already figured it out)

Yes folks he shaved his head!!! He has been talkin about doin it for oh let's see the last 3 yrs or's only hair ya know....well he asked if I would help, with the clippers to take the hair down close enough he could shave. I know I know....what was I thinkin right??? But I did and now here he is in all his white headed glory. (he will be letting it grow back....he just doesn't know it

Well back to the grindstone...2 bracelets and 4 necklaces made this morning....not much else since. Need to motivate myself once again!

Have a great night.


BrigaBauble said...

Ha ha. I love how you wrote that he'll be growing it back PJ! You look gorgeous in that pic (not to imply you don't always cause really, how would I know? LOL. Sounds to me like you were uber productive this morning. You go girl!

Bren said...

Ok, Where was his head when he got this idea???!!!! Thank God it will grow back, lol!! What do the boys think?? And did you do that to them??!!

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