Dear Yaya....

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Look at me!
Dear Yaya,
I wanted to write to you cause I had such fun at Karate Camp today! We did all kinds of things, but we got to use the BB guns again and mom took a picture of my target so I could show you how I did. Pretty cool huh?! Sensei helped me and I had to wear goggles, but I ummmm aimed by myself. I had a lot of fun.
Ya know what else?? Daddy got us a SPRINKLER!! Yeah, we got to play in it yesterday, it felt like a shower.
Ok that's it, I miss you YaYa but we will be coming to see you in less than a month mommy says, I can't wait.


Christie Cottage said...

Aww what a sweet letter and a flash back to the book, the Yaya sisterhood" I wish I could sit on a big veranda, with a glass of sweet iced tea.....

missknits said...

awww that is so sweet!!

Bren said...

Dear Connor,
That is so Awesome!!! Way to go, you did really good. I'm so glad you are having fun at Karate camp.
I can't wait till you and Mommy and Daddy and Jackson come to my house! See you soon, I miss you too.
Love You,

Elizabear said...

Awww so sweet!

byrheea said...

So sweet!! And nice new banner! :)


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