Summing up the Weekend

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Well once again time has gotten away from and I haven't posted in DAYS!!! Let's see, what have I been doing...well I did create a new's pictured below....

(click picture to take you to the sale listing in my shop)

I also had another craft show/fair on Saturday. It was rather slow but I did have a few sales in the afternoon and their was no fee for it. Over all it was a good day, I gave out a lot of business cards, so hopefully that will end up in a couple of sales.

After the show I came home, motivated the hubby and we all went over to a friends house for a cookout, kids got to run around and play outside, we just had hamburgers and hot dogs, and great conversation. It was a great evening! And the kids went right to sleep when we got home, we almost couldn't get them to brush their teeth!! lol

Now I have a custom order I have to work on so I can get it mailed off tomorrow and I have about 4 more ideas in my head for jewelry I want to get down in my creative journal so I can attempt to create them this week. I also have to get fabric for another custom order that I have received for a tote...lots to do!

So for now I will sign off and hope everyone had a good weekend!


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